Justice for Melissa

Twenty five years ago, in late April 1994, my sister was murdered. She was 22. Her killer has never been found.

Melissa had a complex life story, as we all do, but since that time her life continues to be filtered through the lens of not knowing how she died.

This secret has a way of obscuring the complexity and beauty of all that she was before the terrible act of her murder.

Murders rely on secrets and it is time for those secrets to be told and for this murder to be solved.

It is time for justice for Melissa Hunt, who for most of her short life was known as Melissa Hallett, my sister.

This website is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned, no secret untold, no dark thing hiding from the light.

If you have been keeping a secret about Melissa’s murder, 25 years is long enough. Come forward to the police or email justiceformelissah@gmail.com

12 thoughts on “Justice for Melissa

  1. “This website is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned, no secret untold, no dark thing hiding from the light.”
    What about all the details that weren’t mentioned to her kids? If you want honesty from others your first need to be honest


    1. Melissa’s children were very young when this occurred and so obviously some details were not appropriate. As adults they know as much as me I think and are certainly welcome to any and all information that we have, which is mainly already on the public record. What details do you think they are missing?


  2. Hello, this might not mean anything but did your Sister ever go into the town of Newcastle? Near places such as the Tighes Hill, Mayfield East, Maryville or Wickham area? Or anywhere near those areas on a night out or whatnot?

    Sorry if I sound inappropriate or anything.


    1. Hi Shane, thanks for your comment. It’s quite likely that Melissa was in or around those locations at different times, possibly at night. She moved around Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie areas extensively. Does something sound familiar to you?


      1. Hello again, I’ve been doing some research recently in my spare time and I may be completely and entirely wrong so I don’t want to give you false hope but I think your Sister’s case may be correlated to the unsolved murder of Cheryl Anne Burchell in 1987 last seen on Maitland Road, Tighes Hill at 10pm and later found the next day (on the 22 April at 9am 1987). She was found adjacent to the Throsby Creek at Carrington near the Pat Jordan Oval. If you’re Sister was around that area, and If I’m correct then this would mean this was done by a serial killer.
        Just before I go into my reasonings I’d like to say that, I think that if the Police Forensic team runs an analysis of both the evidence found with Melissa’s case and the evidence found in Ms. Burchell’s case and if there is a statistical significance and/or match then I think that would be a breakthrough for the case. Once again I do not want to give false hope.
        Here are my reasoning’s:
        The common denominators are;
        – Both were in their 20’s
        – Both were found next to a body of water
        – Miss. Burchell was a sex worker and I assume (not sure) worked on that street. I’m sorry if I sound incredibly insensitive but my theory is (based on what is said on the Newcastle Herald) that Melissa returned to prostitution and worked in the same area and targeted there like Miss. Burchell.
        Based on research (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/jip.35) serial killers live in close proximity of the crime scene. 63% of German serial killers lived roughly 10km away from the crime scene. The proximity ranges from 10km and upwards to 40km so I believe this person was born and raised in the Newcastle area, based on that research as well as the fact he knew those secret areas of where to place a body.
        Now I went onto and used the, ‘Map Radius Calculator – CalcMaps’ website and placed markers on where I think the bodies were found (the Burrenjim Dam and the Throsby Creek) and did a 10km for the former and 12km for the latter and found that right in the middle of the overlap was the towns of, ‘Maryland’ as well as, ‘Wallsend’ with a highway that runs close to both locations.
        My theory is that (if he indeed is a serial killer) then he lives/lived/or died in Maryland or Wallsend. My profile of this suspect is that he a white male who is between the ages of 58 – 70 and may have been divorced twice in the years that are close in proximity to both murders year dates(I’m very unsure about that last part).
        Anyways, I’m thinking about calling CrimeStoppers about my thoughts and that they should run a Forensic DNA test or fibre test or whatever it is that they do for both cases evidence to see if there is a match, unless you want to. Once again I do not want to give false hope and I’m also very sorry for your loss man.


      2. Did my second post come through? the long one?
        Anyways I watched that video of yours:
        I paused the video at 1:52 and noticed the newspaper said, ‘Mrs. Hunt, 23, was last seen leaving a friend’s place in the Newcastle suburb of Waratah in April 22/3.’
        The area of Waratah is just 5 minutes away from Maitland Road where Cheryl Anne Burchell was last seen.
        As I said before I may be entirely wrong about my theory and I don’t want to give you false hope, but I think the Forensic team should make an analysis of both cases evidence to see if there’s somewhat of a match just to rule out this perspective.


      3. Yes it did thanks. I think we have to consider all possibilities as after 26 years, we are still looking for answers. The timing of these tragic deaths is also interesting – both occurring in late April. I’d be very happy for you to report your thoughts to the police.


  3. Will do.
    I didn’t even catch the fact that they both occurred late April, there may be some correlation there. That’s another common denominator.


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