Video leads to unsolved murder interest

Our memorial to Melissa Hunt (Hallett) placed at Burrenjim Dam on Anazac Day, 2019. Photo: Josiah Hallett.

When we decided to visit Burrenjim Dam on Anzac Day, 2019 – 25 years to the day since Melissa Hunt’s body was found there – I asked my son Josiah Hallett to bring his camera gear.

‘Let’s see if we can make a video that we can use as appeal to people to come forward with information about Melissa’s murder.’

He did an incredible job with the video – you can hear him talk about it here.

We shared it on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and it has been viewed more than 3,500 times.

Little did we know the chain reaction that would follow:

  • Three separate media outlets have become extremely interested in the story and the first of these, NBN Newcastle, through the work of journalist Georgia Maher, can be seen here.
  • An experienced crime journalist is working towards a significant project investigating and reporting on Melissa’s murder
  • A major television program is soon to cover the story.

Alongside the media coverage which continues to develop, Melissa’s husband of six weeks (at the time of her murder), Scott Hunt has made contact with me for the first time in more than 24 years.

He has been pursuing his own campaign for answers with the help of the ABC and his local MP, Sonia Hornery, More on this in another post.

And for the first time in many years, I have spoken with a police officer with direct knowledge of the case.

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