Call to reopen inquest into murder of Melissa Hunt

Today on the front page of The Newcastle Herald I called for the reopening of the inquest into the violent 1994 murder of my sister, Melissa Hunt (Hallett).

Our call for the inquest to re-open or for charges to be laid.

How long is long enough?

Inquests are suspended or closed when the Coroner believes charges should be laid against a known person for a crime such as murder. This is what occurred in March 1998, less than four years after Melissa’s death.

We were present when the inquest was suddenly closed and handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). At the time, the available evidence pointed very strongly at Matthew Henderson, a former boyfriend of Melissa’s.

As you can see from the newspaper report from the time it seemed to me even then that we had been waiting a long time for answers as to Melissa’s death. And more importantly, justice for her and her children and my parents. Now it is 25 years later and the inquest officially remains ‘suspended’ and yet no charges were ever-laid.

The DPP proved an impenetrable edifice – we could never find any information as to what was occurring and eventually the case was quietly handed back to police to pick up the pieces.

The question then seems powerfully relevant – why not complete the inquest that was never finished and at least allow us to hear testimony from witnesses not heard before, hear the latest summary of the case from police and perhaps even look Matthew Henderson in the eye.

I’ve asked police if they know of his whereabouts, as he is not easy to track down. They have refused to answer. An inquest would answer some of these questions…

The police make a public statement

If nothing else, the police have finally broken silence and made a statement for Nick Bielby’s article today:

The State Crime Command’s Unsolved Homicide Unit confirmed on Thursday it was reviewing the case and re-testing evidence collected from the scene – though it was not specific as to what was being examined.

Homicide Squad commander Detective Acting Superintendent Mark Henney said the process would be overseen by senior investigators and involve three separate assessments that focussed on “triage, review and quality control”.

Detective Acting Superintendent Henney said on Thursday the Unsolved Homicide Unit was “a finite resource” but that NSW Police had a wealth of skilled investigators that increased the capacity to “put fresh eyes on cold cases”.

“We are committed to ensuring the most effective and efficient allocation of resources in order to maximise our capability to provide justice for victims and answers to their families,” he said.

Justice for victims, answers for their families. You can help by praying or if you know anything, coming forward to police.

7 thoughts on “Call to reopen inquest into murder of Melissa Hunt

  1. Well done to Nick Bielby and the Herald.Finally the call the action is heard.
    While seeing a comment forced out of the Homicide Police after so long is encouraging ,the words “finite resources” is a slap in the face.
    The police can be sure the work sheet will be checked in due course.

    I demand this case be reviewed by an independent inquiry and that all evidence and procedural police conduct be reviewed.

    21 years ago the Coroner named a person to be charged ,enough.


    1. Scott the reason behind .⚜️🛂🇦🇺 Finite resources .is because the police homicide squad .rapter.and associates .are flat out . resources are stretched to the limit . because of the flood of methamphetamine on our streets.which is biological warfare.a phyco chemical drug which creates neurotoxicity .which means it attacks ones central nervous system.and slowly kills you.creates mental illnesses and phycotic behaviour.the crime rate has to has stabbings shootings and murders .even though they are pumping police through the police academy faster than a money making machine counts money.the homicide squad ECT.would be stretched to maximum capacity .because of the destruction.this biological warfare drug was designed to do .to the civilian population.the police force seems to be growing at a rate .quicker than a rabbit can pump out babies .there’s a little bit of insight for you to think about.👁️🤓👁️🙏


      1. I also noticed on the interview with the project with Scott hunt. The pain on Scott’s face was immense suffering. And I wonder if this was pain due to his wife being murderd. And the suffering he has enjured over the years of his loss. Or the pain of a guilty conscience. Or the pain of speculation over the years.


      1. Thanks Julie, this is Peter, I manage this blog. Over the past few years it has helped generate renewed interest in Melissa’s case. Very conscious of her children’s loss every single day. Bringing her killer to justice won’t save them from that loss, but will relieve some pain, I hope.


  2. So what does an independent inquiry mean . Does this mean you want the CPS to investigate. It seams that the speculation . Is now being directed towards Mathew Henderson. It seems as though Melissa met her boyfriend’s via her work and her habbits. Two children to 2 men. It seems that if she had problems with her husband . She would go back to the first boyfriend for security and comfort. I’m sure this would of created a lot of discomfort with the new husband. This would of created possible jeolousy and violence. Did she start working again after she broke up with her husband. For a stranger or a client or other friend to murder her in such a way knowing she had two children to two different men . Would be to risky for a murderer I feel. Then the murderer would not only have the police after him . He would have two father’s after him as well. Was the first father involved in criminal activity. I would suggest he was . Because he should of been raising Melissas child that he had to her . But it seems like mr hallet got custardy because Mathew Henderson was a possible loose caboose. Six weeks is the shortest marriage I’ve ever heard of. Is Mathew Henderson of Aboriginal decent. The hallet family lost their adoptive daughter and had to raise her first child. They must of suffered tremendously. I also understand the pain of suffering in this way. As I to was adopted. And also lost my two precious children to facs . Which are fostered to strangers. I have spent 4years jumping through all the hoops to get my children back home. And suffer from immense depression. So much that I can’t work and I’m even having problems getting legal aid to represent me . So I’ve been studying all sorts of crime and law unofficially . And hope to learn enough to represent myself in the children’s court. To steel me . Then steel my children . Is a crime by God law. And God will punish accordingly. Facs should have to answer for every crime they have committed🙈🙉🙊⚓⚖️


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