When murder infiltrates your life

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and I was searching for a screwdriver in my ancient toolbox to complete a minor household repair.

An aged newspaper clipping that had found its way into the toolbox at some stage, kept getting in the way and I finally focused on it, deciding to straighten it out so I could see what it was about.

I began reading of the moment when my younger sister’s beaten and at that stage unidentified body was removed by police from Burrenjim Dam.

I was stunned. How did this get here? How long had it been there and why hadn’t I read it before? I couldn’t even recall clipping the news item although we all collected many sobering accounts from those days.

As I took it inside to add to my folder of other records and remembrances, the moment seemed to illustrate how it is that violent crime towards a loved one somehow becomes embedded in your life. Over the passage of time it may be put to one side, ignored or seemingly forgotten only to spring out at you when least expected.

I suspect this may be even more the case when the crime is an unsolved murder and the questioning in your heart is never quite silenced.

Please pray for victims of crimes, pray for justice, pray for truth be revealed, pray for people with information to come forward and pray for peace in our land.

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