We should not just have memories…

Watching Channel 7 and Channel 9 news last night, with reports from Natasha Squarey (7) and Grace Fitzgibbons (9), I saw images I could not recall of police removing Melissa’s body from the area of Burrenjim Dam.

It reminded me of the initial shock I had in seeing reports of her death on April 26, 1994, when I was still barely able to comprehend what had happened to her.

There were dozens of media reports yesterday across most media outlets and we are grateful for what has been sensitive and comprehensive coverage.

Of course we would prefer to have never featured as a family in media for this reason. we would prefer to have more than just memories of Melissa. And we would prefer to have final answers to her final moments.

Nick Bielby’s story captures much of our recent experience with our journey towards Justice for Melissa.

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