A new cross to add as investigation moves forward

Recent media coverage of Melissa’s cold case murder in That’s Life magazine.

As we approach the 27th anniversary of the murder of Melissa Hunt (Hallett), we are once again planning a pilgrimage to Burrenjim Dam where her body was found on April 25, 1994.

We placed a cross near the dam on the 25th anniversary in 2019 and from then on, the quest for justice for Melissa has advanced, but so too has the shocking aftermath.

A young, direct relative of Melissa’s has recently died in sudden, tragic circumstances and while there were more immediate causes, there is no doubt in my mind that the devastation of Melissa’s brutal loss has in some sense taken another victim.*

I won’t say more about this as it is too difficult and too private, but we will carry a second cross or other memorial to Burrenjim Dam to place with Melissa’s, as we continue to wait for a final closing act of truth and justice.

Investigation closes in

Despite this sadness, we find some sense of peace in knowing that a strikingly thorough and determined police investigation is continuing and today’s news is revealing more.

Rigorous attention to detail, a well-conceived strategy (or so it seems to us), a $1 million reward and a pleasing response from the public has meant new and strengthened information through Crime Stoppers and other sources.

We would like to express our thanks to the NSW Unsolved Homicide Squad and the detectives investigating Melissa’s murder, for the professional and respectful approach you are taking. We thank the NSW Government for the $1 million reward announced in December 2020. And we are especially thankful for any person who has come forward with information – it is greatly appreciated.

We are also mindful of, and are reminded almost daily in the news, that there are many other families also waiting for justice for loved ones. We stand with you and pray also for breakthrough. We waited a long time for this current investigation and if your turn hasn’t arrived yet, don’t give up, the time will come.

Still more secrets to be told

We are convinced there is still more to learn, more people to come forward, more secrets to be told. Or perhaps, like some I’ve spoken to, there are details you never realised could be helpful.

It’s not too late – call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact me through this blog.

* I don’t lightly share this awful news but when I began this blog it was with the statement – no more secrets. So in the interest of showing the generational heartache and pain that murder brings, I’ve included these minimal details of ther recent loss of our loved one – perhaps it will move someone to act, someone who knows they can bring an end to this.

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