April 15-16, 1994

About this time 28 years ago … It’s 10 days until the body of Melissa Hunt (Hallett) will be found face down near the wall of Burrenjim Dam at 10.30am on Anzac Day 1994. How did she get there?

About midnight on Friday, April 15, an argument develops between Melissa and new husband Scott Hunt which ends with Melissa leaving their Baroonba St, Whitebridge home on foot. Scott sees her walking towards Dudley Rd.

She has only been married to Scott since March 4, 1994. Witnesses interviewed by police at the time say they were aware of problems in the marriage, with Melissa staying with friends on a number of occasions.

The next morning Saturday, April 16, the boyfriend of a friend sees Melissa at a Shell Service Station in Charlestown and suggests she should go to the home of his girlfriend nearby. Melissa walks to the home of this friend, asks for paper and pen, writes a note for Scott, and tells her friend she is taking it to him. Melissa is a great writer, often putting pen to paper to express her feelings. Some of these notes become police evidence, others from over the years are in the possession of family.

She arrives at their home at about midday on April 16, gives the note to Scott, they argue, she tells him she’s leaving and walks away. She later rings him to continue the argument, complaining that she’d spent the previous night sleeping in a bus shelter. She returns to her friend’s home in Charlestown.

Later in the afternoon, she goes to the Lambton Rd, Waratah home of Matthew Henderson, a former boyfriend with whom she’d had an on and off relationship since 1992, until she developed a committed relationship with Scott at the end of 1993. Matthew’s not home, so Melissa leaves another note and goes. But Matthew comes home, reads the note and locates Melissa at a nearby phone box. She returns home with him and stays the night.

>> I’ll continue detailing what we know of Melissa’s movements during this time, immediately before her death, in the hope it stirs someone’s memory, or someone’s conscience. <<

If you know anything about the murder of Melissa Hunt, my sister, please contact Crime Stoppers or contact me through this blog.

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