The end or just the beginning?

On Sunday, July 7 2019 more than half a million people across Australia watched the story of the unsolved homicide of Melissa Hunt on Channel 10’s The Project.

This nine minute segment by Hamish Macdonald was like an exclamation mark on a frenzied two month chapter of media coverage and advocacy – 25 years after Melissa’s murder.

A question we have asked ourselves as a family is will this be the end of renewed focus on Melissa’s case or is just the beginning?

For us it will never end, as we will not in this life come completely to terms with the brutal loss of our daughter, sister, mother, wife…

And more specifically now, after visiting Burrenjim Dam where Melissa’s body was found and reopening a number of important conversations, these questions remain frustratingly unanswered:

  • Who killed Melissa in late April 1994?
  • Where was she killed and why?
  • Where is Matthew Henderson who was named as the main suspect in the 1997-98 suspended inquest?
  • Will new forensic tests be completed and reveal new evidence?
  • Will charges finally be laid?
  • If not will the inquest be reopened so the family can finally hear testimony from key people involved?
  • Will the courts provide us the documents from the inquest?
  • Did Melissa have hair cut in West Wallsend on or about April 20 1994?
  • Was she staying with someone at Stockrington cottages in those final days – close to where her body was found?
  • Was this line of inquiry properly investigated?
  • Were there any connection with Melissa’s case and the Wood Royal Commission?
  • Was there an organised crime link to what happened to Melissa (drugs, prostitution)?

Clearly, with this many questions, we are still at the beginning.

If you know anything about the murder of Melissa Hunt, please email us via the Contact page or call Crimestoppers.

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