Another young woman murdered near Newcastle

She had a happy upbringing but at some point, life took a turn in the wrong direction. Drugs are likely to be involved but this is not the sum of her life – she was much, much more than this.

Danielle Lousie Easey
Beautiful Danielle Easey in happier days.

Aged in her 20s, her discarded body is found in water with severe injuries.

Police do not know where or when she was killed, have not revealed how she was killed, we do not know why she was killed and who killed her.

Her exact whereabouts in the days before her death are unknown, but of intense interest to police. Please come forward if you know anything, however small. Don’t hold back.

Don’t add to the horrific grief and anguish of the family of Danielle Louise Easey by withholding information that could lead to answers, could lead to justice for Danielle.

Our family wishes this never happened to Danielle as we have for 25 years wished it never happened to our daughter, sister, mother – Melissa Hunt (Hallett).

There are so many similarities in the tragic end to their lives. Let the one thing that is different in these stories be that her murderer is found quickly and her family and loved ones have all the answers, so they can, over decades, learn to live with their grief, knowing at least that Danielle’s murderer has been held to account.

Another difference evident to me in the accounts of the murders of Danielle Easey in 2019 and Melissa Hunt in 1994 (when Danielle was just five) is that police have tentatively proffered being “involved in the drug milieu” as a possible factor in Danielle’s death.

Not once in the early reporting of Melissa’s death was ‘drug-related crime’ put forward, even though, sadly, Melissa – as it seems for Danielle – was involved in drug related activity.

This now seems a conspicuous absence to me. I hope in Danielle’s case the police explore all lines of inquiries and do not limit it to a favourite theory. This will be helped if the community comes forward with information to assist.

Please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 if you know anything about Danielle’s death. And if you know anything about Melissa Hunt’s death.

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