April 21, 1994 – 4 days before Melissa’s body was discovered

I’m aware of one final possible sighting of Melissa, also at West Wallsend, this time at the Clyde Inn Hotel.

A man claims to have been drinking at the hotel with mates and Melissa was with them.

At some point she is ready to leave and they offer to take her home. Except they report heading towards the weir at Barnsley which is not likely to be near any of the locations Melissa might be calling ‘home’ at this time.

She asks them to stop the car, lies on the road… and the information runs out. This sighting is meant to have occurred as late as April 21, which aligns with Melissa having her hair cut in West Wallsend on the 20th (or 22nd).

Whatever the veracity of this sighting and the others described as occurring onwards from April 17, 1994, one thing is certain – the next sighting will be forever etched in our memories.

It’s the only one fully verified, it came too late for Melissa and remains submerged in mystery, darkness and evil 28 years later.

If you know anything about the murder of Melissa Hunt, my sister, please contact Crime Stoppers or contact me through this blog.

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