Pilgrimage to Burrenjim Dam

Twenty five years ago last month my sister Melissa Hunt (Hallett) was beaten to death and her body dumped in a remote dam in the Newcastle region, NSW, Australia. An inquest had two main suspects before it was ended abruptly and information handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Unfortunately nothing has happened since. … Continue reading Pilgrimage to Burrenjim Dam

It doesn’t take a war to take a life

Anzac Day 1994, 9.15pm. I am sitting on the side of the bed in our house in Calwell contemplating getting an early night. The phone next to me rings. I pick it up and say hello, and hear my father's voice. My memory now shifts to a view of myself sitting hunched over, head in … Continue reading It doesn’t take a war to take a life